MLS Sounders - Western Champions!

I was invited to join the Red Element team to learn more camera techniques and also get some behind the scenes. What an exciting game! Sounders won 3-0 and some awesome photos were scored.


The Dashiell Family

Another round of family photos with this spunky family! It's always a joy to see how much the kiddos have grown. Favorites below!


Portraits in the Park!

Janice wanted to update her professional portrait for her website and social media. We met in a local park and took as many photos as we could in an hour, complete with costume changes. She is such a delightful woman to photograph. Our top picks are below!


The Rudow Family

I've been photographing this family for three years and I always look forward to seeing them each fall. They joined me on a rainy day this weekend and were such troopers in the Seattle drizzle. 


Family Photos

This beautiful family traipsed around the park with me today. Such cuties!


North Bay

I'm down here working the Mill Valley Film Festival (40th year!! My third year) and we awoke on Monday to the smell of smoke and the hills hidden from view, ash raining down from the sky. It reminded me of the fires we've had up in Washington this August. But this fire is different. This one is tearing through Sonoma and Napa, on a rampage, fueled by years of drought and swift winds that change daily. In just a few days over 160,000 acres have burned to the ground. To put that in perspective, that's 250 square miles, or the city of Chicago. Or three Seattles.

Today was my day off and I was able to tag along with two other fine folks to volunteer up in Napa at The Napa Deli. We drove 40 minutes through thickening smoke and scorched landscapes. We arrived at the deli a little before the lunch hour ready to work. This deli is incredible! They made 300 sandwiches yesterday, today they fed over 1,200 first responders. They are making meals for firefighters and evacuees and driving boxes of food to nearby shelters. The community next to them is being evacuated today, but they are staying until the last hour to get meals out to those in need. 



Every year we gather a bunch of folks and go splash around in Lake Chelan. It's when we all get to relax, hang out, and, for one, conquer their fear of water. Ok, yes, that's me. I have an odd fear of deep water if I can't see the bottom. So what better way than to go to the third deepest lake in the country. Clocking in at 1,486 feet, it is definitely the nightmare of the fearful. But oh so much fun! 

This year we weren't met with scads of sunshine but smoke filled skies from the 215 fires in the surrounding area. Thank you, Canada. Didn't damper the mood too much. Below are a few of my favorite moments.

Family Portraits at the Park!

Spent the afternoon with this charming family. We beat the heat by hanging out in the shade of a most glorious willow. Favorites below!


Little Compton, RI

I was invited to spend the weekend in Little Compton, RI. My dear friend and I prepped food all night in an 80 degree kitchen (I may or may not have panicked as my pâte sucrée melted.) to bring to an annual potluck/concert that is hosted in the backyard of a beautiful, historic cabin.

The two hosts for the weekend are both incredibly talented human beings: One is an excellent chef and the other an eclectic musician. One is quick to laugh in a load and friendly manner, enveloping whoever is nearby. The other more quiet but just as witty with a twinkle in their eye. Both are some of the most welcoming human beings I've had the pleasure to meet. Below are a few of my favorite photos from my time there.  

Summer Festival - Electric Forest

Flew back to Michigan for two weeks to work my second, and perhaps my last, Electric Forest. It's a bittersweet thought knowing that I may never again see these wonderful people and the world they create. But here they will live in pictures. 


Dueminuti Healthy Pasta, Seattle

Photographed the scrumptious dishes that are currently in season at Dueminuti Healthy Pasta on Capitol Hill for Allset. Check out some of my favorites below.

Back to the Southwest

April means road trip season! So we followed our hearts back to the place we love so dearly: Colorado. We spent 4 days of the trip on the Delores River with some badass folks. Highlights below.

Year Up Graduation

I always look forward to Year Up Graduation. Hearing the stories these young adults share always moves me. They are strong and confident, and impeccably dressed. Here are my favorite 30 second portraits: 

Meridian School Chorus

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring... Banana Phone! This song will be stuck in my head for a while. So catchy! These 4th and 5th graders had an amazing performance at the Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. Here are my favorite moments:


Wrapped two weeks at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah as the Assistant Theater Manager. I had an amazing team of volunteers who were so supportive, loving, and hilarious. I cannot wait to squeeze them all hello next January, 


I grew up in the desert but never saw a forest made of cactus like to ones in Arizona.

Fuse IQ

Fuse IQ is a Seattle Company specializing in web technology and design. I got to spend the morning with their friendly team shooting some updated portraits, both in the studio and outside. Check them out!

Welcome, Sam

Sam was born on November 5th, 2016. Just a few hours old, I was honored to be able to capture his first moments with his loving family.

Family Photos at Carkeek

Spent the sunny afternoon with this lovely family. Check out my favorites below!