When a client asks for the vintage treatment

When I'm not taking photos, or running around at festivals, I'm a photo editor. Today I got to do something really fun. Instead of the run-of-the-mill airbrushing and retouching I got to be a bit more creative.  

I combined 3-4 different textures per image and then did some fun behind the scenes. Each image is different. Some are more worn, some are more faded. I did this so it'll be more fun for the client to flip through the images. Instead of seeing the same worn marks, there are unique ones telling a different story. 

Here's a couple of the images from a photo booth for a 20th Anniversary Party. Before is on the left, after on the right. Click to make 'em big to see all the glorious details. (Note: I was not the photographer. Only the editor. All images are copyright Philip Newton.)